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Saturday, 21 November 2020

My ISP Experience



Hello Friends  , welcome to Learn Technicallly ,

                Here I have shared my Internshala Student Partner i.e ISP 19 experience. So it was 70 days program I started it on 2nd Sept 2020  and completed it on 10 Nov 2020. In these 70 days I  learnt  many  new things and strategies. Well due to covid situation the program was conducted totally on online platform.

                If you are willing to enter in marketing world then starting with ISP program can be a good begining. But if you dont have inner interest in such marketing and management things then it's not worth to do this program. Internshala offers you to be  the face of internshala in your college but you are not the only ISP from your college there are more than 2 ISP's from same college and for sucessfully completion of this program  there is some eligibility criteria like a particular number of ISP points or a compulsion of particular contest. If you fail to earn the ISP points then no completion letter will be given to you. 

                See this program takes place after every 3 months so the previous ISP's already had made everyone aware of Internshala so it becomes difficult for the new one to earn the points. We all think its an easy task but without a great efforts we cant complete it. ISP points are necessary to earn the completion certificate. Internshala also allows you to spread their word in other colleges also so you can share the link among all your friends which  belongs to other colleges and earn the ISP Points.
                Whenever a task is announced they give us a deadline which is always get extend for 24 hrs. 
So the deadline of contest never met. A seminar on internship talk is compulsory to complete this program. I gave 2 internship talk to my friends. This time the seminar was taken on online platform. 

                There is a training contest where you have to convince your peers to buy a training where they will get a discount of 55%+10% but this discount is just for name the price of trainings is same as on normal days. So this thing does not makes any sense if students are getting same thing  in low price then why the students will buy a training through internshala with high price they should improve this thing. If ISP give their 100% effort then they can earn many rewards like visiting card, T-shirts, vouchers, etc.
 Each ISP point = 5 INR .

                At the end all I can say is that, it was a good experience. This 70 days program improved my marketing and communication  skills.   

                        My ISP 19 Completion Letter

Friday, 2 October 2020

10 Demanding Skills


Hello folks  , welcome to Learn Technicallly ,


           10 Tech Skills in demand

1. Machine Learning

2. Mobile Development

3. SEO/SEM Marketing

4. Data Visualization

5. Data Engineering

6. UI/UX Design

7. Cyber-security

8. Cloud Computing/AWS

9. Blockchain

10. IOT

10 SItes for Interview Preparation


Hello folks  , welcome to Learn Technicallly ,


10 Sites for Interview Preparation

1. Ambitionbox

2. AceThelnterview

3. Geeksforgeeks

4. Leetcode

5. Gainlo

6. Careercup

7. Codercareer

8. InterviewUp

9. InterviewBest

10. Indiabix

12 Sites For free Online Education


     Hello folks  , welcome to Learn Technicallly ,


        12 Sites for Free Online Education


2. Coursera

3. edX

4. Khan Academy

5. Udemy

6. iTunesU Free Courses

7. MIT OpenCourseWare

8. Stanford Online

9. Codecademy

10. ICT iitr

11. ICT iitk



Thursday, 24 September 2020

10 Sites for Career Development


         10 Sites for Career Development


1. LinkedIn



     3. Naukri.com

4. Monster




   6.Career Builder

    7. Career Cloud

    8. Dice

    9. Jibber

    10. Glassdoor

10 Sites To Review Resume For Free


    Hello folks  , welcome to Learn Technicallly ,


    10 Sites to review your Resume for free

1. Zety Resume Builder

Click Here

2. Resumonk

Click Here

3. Resume dot com

Click Here

4. VisualCV

Click Here

5. Cvmaker

Click Here

6. ResumUP

Click Here

7. Resume Genius

Click Here

8. Resumebuilder

Click Here

9. Resume Baking

Click Here

10. Enhancy

Click Here

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Internshala Internships


Hello folks  , welcome to Learn Technically ,

     Today I am going to tell you about one of the biggest internship platform i.e


So friends firstly let me tell you what is  Internshala?

  • So in short, Internshala is an internship platform which was founded in the year 2010.
  • Internshala helps lot  of students like you and me to get an Internship as per your choice.
  • It offers over 80,000+ internships for students where you do not need any experience. Most of the internships are totally for freshers where they can gain some experience and make  their resume impressive as compare to others. 
  • This platform not only offers you an internship, but also a fixed amount of stipend depends  on the internship.
  • You can apply for the internship  as per your will whether you want to work by going at office or you wish to work from home.
  •  For work from home internships there is no fix working hours so you can complete the given work according to  your free schedule. If you are currently a student so you can apply for work from home internship and can work after college hours and earn some self income.
  • Student of any year should start applying for internship so you can get an experience of your      field.
  • Internshala also provides trainings for internships, to know more about internship trainings click here  ->   ABOUT INTERNSHALA TRAININGS

What are the duration of internships ?

Well the best part of this platform is it offers an internship of 1month, 2months, 3momths, upto 6months, which is sufficient for a student to gain the knowledge of industry. They  mention the internship duration in the internship details.

What is the amazing part of Internshala?

The amazing part of internshala is that you can apply for any kind of internship whether it  may be technical or non-technical it doesnt matters,  to which field  you belong all you  need is passion , interest towards that internship.

Internshala provides internships for below profiles

1.Computer Science Internship

2.Marketing Internship

3.Finance Internship

4.Mechanical Internship

5.HR Internship

6.Digital Marketing Internship

7.Electronics Internship

8.Content Writing Internship

9.Civil Internship

10.Campus Ambassador Program

Everything comes under the above profiles, so this thing makes the internshala more

impressive than others.

Trust me guys internshala is not like those platforms where you just apply and waits for their reply or apply and not get any kind of reply, here at Internshala the hiring rate of a fresher is very high if the recruiters found your resume and related skills worthy then no one can stop your offer letter for that particular internship.

Can I do more than one internship?

Yes offcourse, there is no limits of internships, if you can manage 2-3 internships  simultaneously then its fine to do numbers of internships.

Big news for all College students - Internshala is here with 'Career Starter Internships' campaign where students can apply to *5,000+* work from homé internships (highest stipend of up to *INR 90K*) which require no prior experience and advanced skills. Apply to these career-building internships which can be done along with your classes and earn a cool stipend. So hurry up, register for freé using below link  -  Free Registration Link


As tomorrow you all are going to work in your respective field so just for an experience why not to try internship other than your field. Means internshala offers lot of internships other than technical so you can try also for those internships. If you are good at photography, writing, marketing then must try for such internships. 

Why are internships important?

Your friends might have certain questions about why one should do an internship. Well, here are a few of many reasons you could use to convince them - 

  • Work ex matters – Many Job recruiters value relevant work experience more than any other qualifications while recruiting. Also, getting experience will do wonders to your confidence during any job interview.

  • It allows you to apply classroom knowledge in real life situations – Internships give you a way to utilize your knowledge base, and expand it, by applying it in situations where the outcome is not the number of marks you score in an exam but something that could affect a whole company.

  • It opens many doors – Students get to know more opportunities to grow and make some professional connections which could open many doors for them.  They can even get a recommendation letter to boost up their CV.

  • Networking - Networking is an exchange of information between people, with the ultimate goal of establishing acquaintances and relationships to advance your professional career. Networking can certainly help you find your dream career and also about not so common careers which can interest you!

  • Earn stipend – All the opportunities at Internshala comes with a stipend. 

  • Win-Win situation - Internship opportunities not only provide you industry exposure of a particular field but also help you discover your interests and learn more about yourself. So one should never miss out on such opportunities to grow.

Internships let you flirt with careers before you marry one

To know about Internshala Training please click on below link



Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.Never judge a student by his/her exam marks he/she cant change the marks but they can upgrade their knowledge and skills anytime.