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Interview Reality After Lockdown : An Advantage or Disadvantage?

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   Interview Reality After Lockdown


Welcome friends , 

                               In this post I am going to tell you that , lockdown is an advantage or disadvantage and what is the reality we all are going to face in techniocal world,  well I took it as an advantage .In this COVID19  situation everyone is at home some are wasting their time by watching xyz web series playing mobile games or doing nothing where others are utilising their time by learning new skills, by improving the existing skills, some are trying to improve their cooking skills and some are spending their time with their hobbies. Everyone has their own choice . 
                               So this post is for everyone , it does'nt matter which field you belong all that matter is what you do in this free time offered which we all have got. If you cant go outside to classes and colleges then why not to study at home. If I am not wrong then everyone having age above 17 is owning a separate mobile phone or many of students are having a laptop or PC at their home. If you have any one of these with you then all you need is only a right direction to use it. Many are using their internet to watch new web series, new movies, playing online games but have you ever thought that watching all these stuff and playing games will earn money for the creator of that series and the owner of the platform that you are using to watch and also the creator of the games but except you. If you are really serious about your future then please start thinking on what I said above. I don't have any personal hate for the series or games owners I also use to play pubg, I also watch series but I do these things in a limit  and  I have experienced lot of people around me always used to talk only about series or games like "today I completed this series now I have started this one. Today I completed this mission and earn this achievements. I was playing game whole night and didn't sleep."   

                          Seriously Guys!!!    Is it how you all are going to achieve your life goals ? Specially students who belongs to an IT background and desire to work in a big MNC. Not for only IT people every single student who want to see himself/herself working in big MNC want to join corporate world  should think on it and must get serious about your future.  If you have did nothing to improve yourself  from last 4 months then congratulations you all have  successfully wasted 4 months and has delayed your success.  But still the time is in your hand don't let it go you can start stepping towards  your goals by today. There are lot of online platforms available to improve your skills , to start a new skill, to turn out your passion into business. Students from IT background can enroll to any programming  course in which they are interested.
  • One can learn or improve sketching  and its similar activities. 
  • One can learn to play musical instruments.
  • One can make his/her weak subjects strong.
  • One can learn new Foreign Language. 
  • Or you can watch technical videos on youtube instead of watching other stupid stuffs.
                          Having technical knowledge is very important in today's world, if you don't belong to technical field it does not mean that you should not have any technical knowledge, having something extra is always better. Just having control over a cell phone is not makes you technically expert. There are many things which even you haven't heard about. As per my knowledge every Engineering Branch requires some knowledge related to  computer language then go and work on it guys. Take this lockdown as an advantage and improve yourself. This time is very crucial and if you fail to utilise it then later all you will do is only regret. 

                            I recently heard some interview experiences from my friends and came to know that one common  question is added in the interviews i.e "What you did in the Lockdown Period ? "  and same question will be asked to you all,  so if you will be not able to answer this question positively then it can affect on your whole interview. At that  time you can't answer  like I  watched this series, I reached to Conquer tier etc, right  So start to  create a lockdown stuff list which can contain some online course certificates, online webinar/workshop you have attended,  start working on new projects, you already have an idea of subjects of next semester then start learning those subjects. 

                            Specially students of CS and IT, your exams are cancelled but don't forget college exams never matters in your field, all you need is only practical knowledge. Only  on the basis of practical knowledge you are going to crack an interview, the exam marks will be used only for eligibility criteria for an interview. The interviewer is not going to see your marks he will just check your programming skills, how good you are at coding then it can be the subject of first semester or last semester, because all you learn from the day 1 of college to last day  of college is only programming so always keep it in your  mind if you are not able to code then no one can let you enter in the IT company.

                            Many students thinks that why to prepare from now, we have a lot of time for facing the interviews, we will prepare for it in the last semester if your thinking is like this then I can bet that in the last semester you all are going to regret only. Start studying now, there is still time just focus on your future. Hope  whatever I wanted to say has reached to you all. I have just explained the reality now its your choice what to choose.  If you want to see how people are utilising this period in a positive manner then checkout  Linked in  Profiles. Many of you are aware of Linked in  then you must search for it right now on Google because a Linked in  profile is must in today's world, many MNC  asks for Linked in  profile link and on the basis of it they shortlist you for an interview your profile should be attractive and impressive. Many people are doing awesome work at home and uploading the work on Linked in . Here you can apply for new jobs, internships and can get select for it without including any third party person. So first create a profile on it or instead of talking about LinkedIn here,  I will give a brief description of it in my next post. Thanks for reading till the last.  I will share many   more technical posts which will definitely going to help you. I have already posted two posts on free courses you can check it on home page.  Do comment if you found it useful and feel free to ask me anything .

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